How To Set Your Bookkeeping Prices And Rates

One of the main concerns, when a company is searching for an accountant or an outsourced bookkeeper, is how much the cost will affect their budget. Of course, each outsourcing company has its own rates for various levels of services according to the requirements of the client, but generally, most of the bookkeeping rates are quite similar. There are many areas that customers should know when they start looking for accounting or bookkeeping service.

Staff Experience for the Service Required

Since clients have a wide variety of accounting and bookkeeping requirements, bookkeeping rates vary based on the experience of the personnel necessary to do the work. Whether the client wants simple accounting services, just to make the transaction entries and basic reconciliation needs, usually an experienced accountant is all that is required, and the rates are affordable and appropriate. But when requirements become more advanced, as a requirement for accounting, account creation, payroll and the preparation of financial statements, a more experienced person is required, for example a Junior Accountant. The rates are somewhat higher, but they are still more accessible than hiring and an additional person in the company.

If companies enter the level of a Senior Accountant and the needs go beyond reconciliation and transaction income, and include account settings, payroll, quarterly reports and tax preparation, bookkeeping rates are somewhat higher, but still appropriate and affordable. These experts already have the necessary training to enter and start the work on the first day. The professions that work in the preparation of taxes relieve the headaches and frustration of the internal staff and allow them to continue their normal route without being left behind.

Cost Savings

When observing the rates of bookkeeping in comparison with the internal personnel, a saving of up to 50% is usually realized. When the hourly wage, the benefits, the general expenses and the use of the facilities are taken into account, the cost savings over a period of time become considerable. Definitely, not all bookkeeping fees are available with this great savings, but generally, the savings are usually important enough to justify the cost of the bookkeeper. Read more.

Paying for Services

Most outsourcing businesses allow customers to pay the accounting fees by bank transfer or check and may allow the use of credit cards when handling an automatic transfer monthly. As PayPal has become so popular in recent years, several also allow transfers through PayPal services. It is convenient and easy to do anywhere in the world. Billing is generally done the first week of every month.

Viable Solutions

Certainly, the objective of the outsourcing company in bookkeeping rates is to work with clients to make sure that their requirements are met, and that the price is affordable for the client. With many online services, bookkeepers are always well trained and professional, and the bookkeeping rates are affordable; the interest is in providing the best service at reasonable prices.


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